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  • What is microblading, microshading?
    Microblading, microshading and 3D Eyebrows is a form of cosmetic tattooing. It is the process of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. The results typically last 12-18 months.  These results differ from traditional tattooing because the technique involves light, feather like strokes that create natural looking eyebrows. The result is a realistic eyebrow with texture and depth, whereas traditional tattooing can leave the brows looking flat and dull. This is the perfect procedure for people who want to fill in sparse brows or create brows. This procedure is ideal for both men and women. 
  • Does it hurt?
    It is important to remember that everyone experiences pain differently. I use high quality topical anesthetics to keep you as comfortable as possible. These anesthetics are applied to the skin multiple times during the procedure to stay alleviate any discomfort you may have or may anticipate. Most clients say that they were quite comfortable during the procedure but did feel some type of discomfort at some point. Sometimes one side is more sensitive than another. Clients do hear a scratching noise on the skin similar to a sound like velcro. Communicating with me on your personal feelings during the procedure is the best way to ensure you are comfortable. I make it a point to check in with you throughout the process to gauge your comfort and keep you as relaxed as possible. 
  • Is it safe?
    I am currently professionally certified two times in performing Microblading and Microshading procedures and have been a licensed dental hygienist for 15 years. This has provided me with a medical science background, focused more specifically in the anatomy of the face; including nerves and muscles.  All instruments and supplies that come in contact with the skin or come in contact with body fluids are sterilized before use and disposed of after use. Infection control guidelines are strictly adhered to. Following infection control standards and procedures is extremely important. Your safety and health are highly respected. Your confidence and trust in my abilities and my standards is something I value immensely.  Providing a sterile working environment with medical grade standards is not only set in place for your safety but my safety and the safety of the community.  
  • How much does it cost?
    At this time, the fee for a microblading and shading appointment, known commonly as “Combo Brows”, is $450, including a complimentary touch-up appointment. The touch- up appointment is scheduled 40-60 days within the date of the initial service, and is complimentary as long as it is completed within 60 days of the initial service.  Annual touch up appointments are $150. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required when booking the appointment. Clients have up to 48 hours before their appointment to cancel for their deposit to be refunded. The $50 deposit is credited to the fee for the service once the appointment is complete. These prices are subject to change, depending on availability, booking and promotional offers. 
  • How long does it take?
    The procedure is split into 3 parts. The first part is the CONSULTATION. During this phase of the appointment, we will sit and talk about your expectations and desires. I will listen and offer advice or opinions about what you have in mind for your new brows and how we can achieve them. Photos are taken from different angles so that we can see and discuss your areas of concern together. The second part of the appointment is MAPPING. This phase is critical because this is when we will determine the proper placement and shape of your brows. This is when any facial asymmetries are analyzed, and modifications are made to allow for the best initial result.  A color is chosen that best suits your skin tone and type.  The third part of the appointment is PIGMENT APPLICATION. This is when the pigment is inserted into the anesthetized skin and strokes and shading are completed.  I advise setting aside 3 solid hours of time for the initial appointment. This allows us to be relaxed and have plenty of time for discussion and to keep you comfortable during the entire process. This is your appointment! I want you to feel the best that you possibly can during and after. Rushing through any of the appointment phases is not ideal and is not conducive to the overall experience I want you to have.
  • Will my brows look identical and symmetrical?
    There is a common phrase in the Brow industry “They are sisters, not twins.” This phrase refers to the fact that no one with natural brows ever has identical looking or perfectly symmetrical brows. Our faces are not 100% symmetrical and the idea behind microblading is to create natural brows. Slight variations in the brows creates a more natural, realistic affect. I will work closely with you to create brows that fit your face and that follow your unique facial structure and hair growth pattern. Making the brows 100% identical is not only unrealistic it is also very unnatural looking. I want your new brows to accentuate your natural beauty, to follow your natural facial expressions and enhance your features. Any asymmetries you may present in your face will be addressed during the mapping phase of the appointment so that you are fully informed and aware of how your result will be. 
  • Do I need a touch up?
    An initial touch up appointment is included with your service.  The microblading healing process is significant during the first 4-6 weeks of application.  A touch up is recommended and complimentary between 40-60 days of the initial appointment. Color and shape can change over this time period and a touch up appointment allows me to modify any areas that need to be re-pigmented or re- aligned for your facial anatomy. Color is being implanted in the facial area. There tends to be more circulation in this area of the body than other areas. Your face is exposed to sun, heat, cold, particles, products and many other elements.  After initially applying pigment to the skin some areas may not hold as well based on your skin type, tone and other factors. The touch up appointment is performed after the skin has healed, color has settled, and shape has softened.  This appointment is critical in ensuring the longevity and satisfaction of your permanent make-up application. It is highly recommended that you keep this appointment and remember the final, complete transformation of your new brows is not complete until minor adjustments and modifications have been made at the touch up appointment.  This is also a very important appointment for correcting any asymmetry. The permanent make-up has settled and relaxed into the skin. The touch-up appointment is necessary for creating the finishing touches that complete the brow.  Facial skin is very tender and fragile. At the initial appointment only so many strokes and applications of pigment can be made before trauma to the skin may occur. It is much better for your skin and your final result to allow the skin to naturally absorb the pigment and heal before making too many initial adjustments to the skin. The most natural result for permanent make up application comes from multiple light layers of pigment application once healing is complete.  Once the initial touch up is completed and the skin has healed. Typically, for most clients the healing time is about 50% of their initial healing time after the touch up appointment. Annual 12–18-month touch- ups are recommended to keep the color fresh. Depending on skin type color can last up to 4 years with no touch ups. If no touch ups are performed the color will most likely eventually fade completely. 
  • How long does it take to heal?
    Healing time varies from individual to individual. Day 1-3- Eyebrows are fuller and dark with some redness and possible swelling. Day 3-5- Your still very dark eyebrows will start to flake and become itchy. DO NOT ITCH THEM!!!! Day 5-8- Flaking and scabbing will continue and color will start to fade. DO NOT PICK AT THE SCABS OR FLAKES!!! Day 8-12- Flaking will gradually stop. Color may be patchy as it returns and stabilizes. Day 12-21 - Color becomes more natural and blended. Your skin is almost healed! Day 21-30- Eyebrows become soft and feathery looking. Skin is completely healed!  ***Following aftercare instructions as closely as possible is the best way to ensure proper healing and the final result of your permanent make-up application***
  • What are the aftercare instructions?
    The most important aspect to remember for aftercare and the healing process is that microblading causes tiny wounds to be made into the skin. Keeping the area clean is the most important part of the healing process.  Together we will thoroughly review aftercare instructions the day of your procedure to ensure that you understand all instructions clearly and answer any questions you may have about the process. You will be instructed to keep the area clean by washing with freshly washed hands and a gentle antibacterial soap free of dyes and fragrance. I will provide you with soft cotton rounds to GENTLY wipe the area once in the morning and then once again in the evening. Water is to be splashed onto the face. No cleansing creams are to be used on the area, no wash clothes or sponges should be used to clean the skin on or around the brow. You should not scrub the brow area just simply wipe the skin gently to remove any excess oils or debris. These times are the ONLY times you should be touching the brow area during the healing process. And your hands should be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer prior to touching them! Antibacterial balm can be applied to the freshly cleaned area in a VERY, VERY thin layer if the skin feels tight and itchy. You should apply the balm with a freshly washed hands or a Q-tip.  This balm can only be applied once in the morning and once at night after the previous layer has been removed gently with mild soap, water and a cotton round. The skin needs oxygen to heal. Applying too much balm too often inhibits proper oxygen flow to the skin affecting the natural healing process.  Never ever pick, itch or scrub the scabs from the epithelial crust that may form on the brow during the healing process. Some clients barely scab or itch. Some clients itch and scab more intensely. The process is natural and unique for you and you alone, allow your skin to heal itself. Picking and itching the skin during its healing can greatly affect the outcome of pigment retention.   Avoid intense, sweaty exercise for 7-10 days after the initial procedure. Make sure to clean the brows gently with water and a cotton round if they do become sweaty or dirty during this time period. Do not swim, use a jacuzzi, sauna, tanning beds or soak the brows in water for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. Avoiding washing your hair for the first 48 hours after the procedure. You can get your brows wet during showers during the initial healing process but avoid contact with shampoos, conditioners and other cleaners. Do not scrub the brow area when washing the face until completely healed. Avoid direct exposure with the sun for the first 7 days and sunblock is recommended to ensure the permanent makeup stays vibrant and long lasting. Do not use make-up near the procedure area, including mascara and eyeliner for the first 3 days after the procedure. Purchase new make-up products, if possible, to avoid contamination or bacterial infection. 
  • Is there anything I should or shouldn’t do before having service completed?
    For the best results during your initial appointment, try and avoid direct sun for 3 days prior to your appointment. Do not pluck, tweeze, wax, receive IPL laser hair removal treatments, electrolysis treatments, facials or use Retinol-A skincare products on or close to the area for 2 weeks prior to or after your appointment. It is best to come to your appointment with the most natural hair possible. This allows me to see your natural hair growth and create brows that are the most suitable to your face and structure.   If you are concerned about your skin’s reaction to the insertion of pigment or you have sensitive skin; a skin test can be performed prior to the appointment upon request to gauge your skin’s unique reaction.  This is a simple procedure of applying a small “scratch” of pigment behind the ear to see how your skin may react to the full procedure.  Do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol or caffeine the day of or before the appointment.  Drink plenty of water 3 days before the appointment to eliminate skin dehydration-this also helps with the healing process.  Do not take Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, Niacin or Aspirin the day of the appointment. This can lead to increased bleeding during the procedure. If you are advised by your doctor to take Aspirin or any medications, you need to inform me of this so that I can modify and adjust techniques during the procedure to account for this possible reaction.  It is best to not receive Botox or fillers 6-8 weeks prior to the microblading procedure so that the shape and placement of the brow can be applied to your most natural facial structure and not applied to its altered state.  Just like with electrolysis; the National Blood Service does not accept blood donations for 1 year after permanent cosmetic applications.  Permanent cosmetics will show up as an artifact on MRI scans. Some clients may experience a tingling sensation in the area where they have received permanent make-up. Make sure to notify your radiologist of the application if an MRI is necessary in the future.  You do not want to work out the day of the procedure; or come to the appointment with a sunburned face. Proceed with the appointment if the skin is irritated or has a break out of acne. Women tend to be more sensitive right before and during their menstrual cycle.  You should try and sleep on your back for the first 7-10 days after your appointment. It may be a good idea to practice this positioning before having the procedure completed.  Smoking inhibits healing in all parts of the body and with all parts of the body, including permanent make-up applications. 
  • Can I guarantee my work?
    Unfortunately, I cannot. How the skin reacts to the procedure is different for everyone and many factors need to be taken into consideration. Skin type, age, stress level, facial products, aftercare follow through and more all play key roles in how the pigment will hold and the final result. Therefore, the touch-up appointment is so important. Most people need finishing touches once the skin heals initially. Sometimes more than one touch-up is needed to achieve the desired result.  I CAN guarantee that your satisfaction is very important to me and that I will strive to the best of my experience and expertise to make you as happy as possible, your happiness and satisfaction directly connects to my happiness and satisfaction. Please think carefully and take this into consideration before proceeding with the service. Please be 100% honest and communicate with me openly so that I can provide you with the most professional and fulfilling experience. 
  • Who shouldn’t have permanent cosmetics performed?
    Permanent make-up application should not be performed on any client who is: Pregnant or Nursing Diabetic Undergoing Chemotherapy: Medical clearance from your doctor will be required prior to service Viral diseases or infections Pacemakers or Major Heart Problems Blood Thinners Clients that have Delayed Healing Issues and Concerns Skin Irritations near the treated areas: Rashes, Sunburn, Acne, Rosacea. Use of Accutane in the Past Year Botox or Fillers 6-8 weeks prior to the permanent cosmetic service Keloid Scarring Unrealistic Expectations!
  • What if I do not like my result?
    Microblading is semi-permanent, this allows flexibility in the color and shape of the application at the touch-up appointment. I will work closely with you so that you have the most insight and control over the proposed technique. I will do my best to provide very little room for error or unmet expectations. If you are still not happy after your touch-up and final healing, simply leave the area alone and allow it to fade over time. If you have any doubt or are not 100% sure you would benefit from this procedure it is best for you not to have the permanent cosmetic applied. 
  • Where are you located?
    Beautiful Brows by Jess is located at: Gentle Family Dentistry 3150 W. Ward Rd, Suite 304 Dunkirk, MD 20754
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Simply visit my booking site to schedule your appointment:
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